Cinnober Web- & Graphic Design develops sophisticated homepages of a high standard in design and function, which can even be maintained by the client. We also offer design services for brochures, folders and large-scale posters in accordance with the design of the webpage & CI. All designs can be integrated in layouts for CAD modules.


Cinnober Architectural Visualisation supports the appealing presentation of the future building by virtual 3D-models which help in reaching a wide range of people without a technical background. Studies of the building volume and its relationship with the architectural surroundings, as well as sunlight, shadow-casting and visibility simulations are also easy to demonstrate by a virtual model.


Cinnober Building Implementation & Exhibition Concepts works with the client to develop an appealing integration of the corporate identity in offices & exhibitions. Many years of extensive experience in architectural implementation in cooperation with museums, architects & research institutes allow clients and Cinnober to communicate on the same level of mutual understanding. Everything is possible: from interior design to the high-end presentation of exhibition subjects through film and animation.